Corona Days – Weak 2

Activity #2 – Letter writing

As we know all are under lock down… some parents are away.. some grand parents are in native place. Planned vacations are not happening. There are instances where kids are at a diff place. So every one missing each other.. Wanting to go / go back to the places they most loved.

Lets write letters !!! Good old days !!! where there wasn’t any phone.. used to send letters to parents and relatives about how u feeling and asking the things about their place..


  1. Any one can write a letter. Just not kids
  2. Any language can be used.. Malayalam or English
  3. Should be in own hand writing
  4. Best letter from children and elder category gets prizes
  5. Letter should be sent with a note “to be published” / “Not to be published” in the group
  6. Letter written in Malayalam from kids gets additional prizes. (No copy writing pls)

Deepta D/o Suresh Kumar Balan wrote this beautiful letter in malayalam to her grand parents

Pooja V Saleesh

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