Training Programs

Malayalam Classes

The Government of Kerala under its Department of Culture started the Malayalam Mission. Malayalam was brought under, the classic language category in 2013, a status that is given to languages that are 200 or more years old. Though there were attempts to help expatriate Malayalees in learning the language, it fructified only on 22 October 2009 when the Malayalam Mission was officially inaugurated in New Delhi. Headquartered in
Thiruvananthapuram, the Mission has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and hundreds of language learning centers both within and outside India.

Sarjapura Malayali Samajam has a strength of 45 students learning Malayalam through its Malayalam classes

Other Classes

Samajam is committed to its members to get the best of the best facilities and not deprived of getting a boost on their cultural and traditional skills. With a view to that we have Classical Dance, Classical Music, Chess and Drawing Classes run by the Samajam.

Samajam will be conducting traditional and cultural uplift programs in coming years. We have plans for conducting Kannada learning classes, Chenda Classes, tailoring classes for women.


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